FDR  Interest rate Bank wise

FDR Interest Rate Bank Wise 2020

FDR  Interest rate Bank wise 2020 is not same. Where is your Money Keep safe? Considering the best security for your family & Child, near & dear ones in future protection or immediate safety from Precarious, there are no alternative ways to keep safe your Money deposit into Bank.

In this regard, Bank gives interest to the depositor, called FDR (Fixed Deposit Reserve) or Fixed Deposit interest Rate (FDR).

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State-Owned Bank

FDR  Interest rate Bank wise is not same and differs from each Bank. Information analyzing of Bangladesh Bank says, Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank (RAKUB) gives too much Bank Interest among other State-Owned eight (8 Bank) Banks of Bangladesh. FDR  Interest rate Bank wise rates are as follows:

Besides these, Bank Interest rates of Sonali, Agrani, Rupali, Janata, BDBL, and BKB are 7.50 to 8%

Non-Government Bank

Highest Interest Rate 11.50 % on FDR above three years (3 Years) or more than three years (3 Years) given by South Bangla Agriculture & Commerce Bank (SBAC Bank).Simultaneously other Non-Government Bank Interest rates on FDR are as follows:

  1. Pubali Bank 11%
  2. Dhaka Bank 10.41%
  3. The City Bank 10.03% and
  4. Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB) 10%
  5. First Security Bank 9%

Most of the Banks giving 9 to 10% Interest on FDR for three Months (3 Months) or less than six months (6 Months) are new age. These are as follows

  1. SABC
  2. Farmers Bank
  3. Meghna Bank
  4. NRB Commercial Bank
  5. NRB Global Bank and
  6. Union Bank

Other Banks Interest rate is less than 10% for above three years (3 Years) or more than three years (3 Years)

Foreign Bank

  • Commercial Bank of Ceylon
  • National Bank of Pakistan
  • City Bank NA

Commercial Bank of Ceylon and National Bank of Pakistan’s Interest rate is 10% for above three years (3 Years) or more than three years (3 Years). City Bank NA gives Most of the lowest Interest.

Al Falah, Standard Chartered, Woori, HSBC, Habib Bank and State Bank of India’s Interest rate is 1.25 9.25%

FDR  Interest rate Bank wise of 56 Bank

FDR  Interest rate Bank wise of 56 Bank is not the same. Information analyzing last September from Bangladesh Bank, Opportunity giving to keep deposit Money into FDR below three Months (3 Months) to three years (3 Years) or more than three years (3 Years).

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