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Tea Board Job Circular 2024

Tea Board Job Circular 2024 has been found on my popular website. Bangladesh Tea Board authority recently published some vacant positions and job offers. Bangladesh Tea Board job-related information is available on my popular website. Tea Board is recruiting some vacant positions and job offers for unemployed people.

In the lush landscapes of Bangladesh, where verdant hills meet rolling plains, lies a thriving industry that has been brewing for centuries – tea production. The Bangladesh Tea Board entrusted with the responsibility of regulating and promoting this vital sector, plays a pivotal role in shaping the nation’s tea economy. Recently, the Bangladesh Tea Board issued a job circular, signaling opportunities for individuals to contribute to this dynamic industry. Tea Board Job Circular 2024.

Tea Board Job Circular 2024

This article delves into the details of the Bangladesh Tea Board Job Circular, exploring its significance, requirements, and the potential it holds for aspiring candidates. Bangladesh Tea Board is a very attractive job circular in Bangladesh. To the Joining smart and big Government service team of Bangladesh Tea Board. Bangladesh Tea Board is a statutory body. Under the Pakistan Tea Act, of 1950, on February 22, 1951, the then Pakistan T Board was formed. The Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman served as Chairman of the Board of T Board from 04 June 1957 to 23 October 1958. Tea Board Job Circular 2024.

Tea Board Job Details 2024

Tea Board Job Summary

Job Title: See Job Advertisement

Published Date: April 17, 2024

Application Deadline: May 19, 2024

Compensation and Benefit: As per the Government Pay-Scale

Job Nature: Full-time

Employment Type: Permanent

Education Qualification: See the circular

Job Experience: See the circular

Gender: Both (Male & Female)

How to Apply:  Apply with full Resume (Mentioned Address)

Tea Board Job Notice 2024

Tea Board Job Notice 2024

Tea Board Job News 2024

The main activities of the Bangladesh Tea Board are to take all measures for the development of tea industry development, marketing, and marketing of tea. Bangladesh Tea Board is establishing new tea gardens, abandoning tea garden rehabilitation, imposing sub-tax on tea products manufactured in Bangladesh, and taking measures against other subsidiaries and overall tea. Control the activities of the Bangladesh Tea Board industry.

Bangladesh Tea Board is the government’s popular job offer institute in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Tea Board is recruiting some people to work with this government institute of tea board. Overall, the Bangladesh Tea Board is the part of Bangladesh government. Bangladesh Tea Board is a huge job offer in Bangladesh.

When the Bangladesh Tea Board started in Bangladesh tea garden work that time it was not as popular as at present. A few years ago Bangladesh Tea Board increased its performance is better by expert workers. If you can visit the official website of the Bangladesh Tea Board is teaboard.portal.gov.bd

Bangladesh Tea Board Job Only shortlisted candidates will be called for the interview as per the recruitment process. Any kind of persuasion/ canvassing at any stage of the selection process shall be treated as disqualification. Bangladesh Tea Board reserves the right to accept or reject any application without any reason whatsoever.

Tea Board Job Update 2024

Historical Context:

Tea cultivation in Bangladesh dates back to the British colonial era when the region was known as East Bengal. Introduced by the British in the mid-19th century, tea cultivation quickly gained momentum due to the favorable climatic conditions and fertile soil of the region. Over the years, Bangladesh emerged as a significant player in the global tea market, renowned for its high-quality tea varieties such as the renowned Bangladeshi black tea.

Role of the Bangladesh Tea Board:

Established in 1977 under the Bangladesh Tea Ordinance, the Bangladesh Tea Board operates under the Ministry of Commerce. Its primary objective is to regulate, promote, and develop the tea industry in Bangladesh. The board oversees various aspects of tea production, including cultivation, processing, marketing, and export. Additionally, it provides support to tea garden owners, smallholders, and workers to enhance productivity, quality, and sustainability across the tea value chain.

Significance of the Job Circular:

The issuance of a job circular by the Bangladesh Tea Board signifies its commitment to strengthening the tea industry through skilled manpower. The circular typically includes vacancies for positions ranging from administrative roles to technical experts specialized in tea cultivation, processing, quality control, marketing, and research. By recruiting qualified professionals, the board aims to address the evolving challenges faced by the tea sector and harness emerging opportunities for growth and innovation.

Tea Board Job Guideline 2024

Requirements and Qualifications:

Candidates aspiring to join the Bangladesh Tea Board must meet specific requirements and qualifications outlined in the job circular. These criteria may vary depending on the nature of the position but commonly include educational qualifications, relevant experience, technical skills, and proficiency in both English and Bengali languages. Candidates with degrees in agriculture, horticulture, food science, or related fields are preferred for technical roles related to tea cultivation and processing. Additionally, experience in tea estates or agro-based industries is highly valued.

Application Process:

The application process for positions advertised in the Bangladesh Tea Board Job Circular typically involves submitting an online application through the board’s official website or designated portals. Candidates are required to fill out the application form accurately, providing essential details such as personal information, educational background, work experience, and contact information. Additionally, candidates may be required to upload supporting documents such as CVs, academic transcripts, certificates, and testimonials. Applicants need to review the instructions carefully and ensure that all requirements are met to enhance their chances of selection.

Opportunities for Career Growth:

Joining the Bangladesh Tea Board offers more than just a job; it presents opportunities for career growth and professional development in the dynamic tea industry. Employees have the chance to work in diverse areas such as policy formulation, research and development, quality assurance, market analysis, and international trade. The board also provides training and capacity-building programs to equip employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles. Moreover, being part of a government organization offers stability, benefits, and opportunities for advancement based on merit and performance.

Challenges and Responsibilities:

While the Bangladesh Tea Board Job Circular opens doors to exciting opportunities, it also entails significant challenges and responsibilities. The tea industry faces various challenges, including fluctuating market prices, climate change impacts, pest and disease outbreaks, labor issues, and competition from other tea-producing countries. Therefore, employees of the Bangladesh Tea Board must be prepared to tackle these challenges through strategic planning, innovation, and collaboration with stakeholders across the tea value chain. Additionally, ensuring sustainability, environmental conservation, and social responsibility are integral aspects of the board’s mandate, requiring concerted efforts from all stakeholders.


In conclusion, the Bangladesh Tea Board Job Circular represents a gateway to a rewarding career in one of Bangladesh’s most vital industries. Aspiring candidates have the opportunity to contribute their skills, expertise, and passion towards the growth and development of the tea sector. By joining the Bangladesh Tea Board, individuals become part of a dynamic team dedicated to promoting excellence, sustainability, and innovation in tea production.

As the tea industry continues to evolve, the role of the Bangladesh Tea Board becomes increasingly crucial in shaping its future trajectory. Therefore, individuals who aspire to make a meaningful impact in this vibrant industry are encouraged to seize the opportunities presented by the Bangladesh Tea Board Job Circular and embark on a fulfilling journey in the world of tea.

Tea Board Job Circular 2024

Recently, the Bangladesh Tea Board has been published an attractive job offer in the government tea plantation sector. Bangladesh Tea Board is a huge job circular. If you want to apply for the Bangladesh Tea Board job offer then you should submit your application within a specific date and time. If you want to get the Tea Board Job related information then you can visit my website.

Bangladesh Tea Board has been published in an image file so that everyone can read easily or download this job circular. Bangladesh Tea Board job-related information has been found on this website.

Bangladesh Tea Board job offer is now a very dependable Government service team in Bangladesh. Government service is all about choosing one’s own vision; it’s more than about choosing his/her Bangladesh Tea Board job. Eligible candidates of Bangladeshi citizenship are requested to apply for these vacant positions. To know more details please see the original Job Circular on my website.

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